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Start Resting
By Joel Osteen - Nov 06, 2020
God puts promises and dreams in our hearts, but He doesn't tell us how or when it's going to happen. Too often if it's not happening the way we thought or on our timetable, we get frustrated. "God, when is this situation at work going to turn around? When is my health going to improve?" We put God in a box and tell Him how to do it, when it should happen, and who to use. But once you pray, once you believe, you have to leave how God does it and when He does it up to Him. Proverbs 20:24 tells us, "Since the Lord is directing our steps, why try to understand everything that happens along the way?" God works in mysterious ways, and it may not happen your way. He uses difficulties to position you for destiny, closed doors and delays as instruments to you reaching your purpose. You have to let go of control and start resting in faith.

I talked to a young lady whose life was going great until she was diagnosed with tuberculosis. She lost her job, couldn't afford her apartment, and had to move in with a friend. She was so excited to get a job with a major airline, but the pandemic hit and her hours were cut back to a few hours a week. She found additional work with a security company, but then her truck was stolen at work. She was so discouraged by all the bad breaks. When she got her rental car, she started flipping through the SiriusXM radio channels for something to laugh about, but came across our station instead. She started listening to the message, hope began to fill her heart, dreams started coming back to life, and she ended up giving her life to Christ.

Recently her company offered her a management position in Hawaii, where she'd always dreamed of living. Because she works for the airline, she can travel back and forth at no charge. She said, "I look back at all the things that happened and realize it was all working for my good. If my truck hadn't been stolen, I wouldn't have come to know the Lord. If I didn't work for the airline, I wouldn't have the free flights. If they hadn't cut my hours back, I wouldn't have taken the job that led to the opportunity to move to Hawaii."

That difficulty you're facing, that trouble, it's your transportation. Release the worry, release the frustration, release having to figure it out. God knows what He's doing. He has you in the palms of His hands. He may not do it the way you had planned, but where He's taking you is better than you've imagined.
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