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Trouble Can’t Find You
By Joel Osteen - Dec 04, 2020
We all have things that come against us--an illness, the loss of a big client, people who don't like us. It's easy to live worried, wondering how it's going to turn out. But David says, "For in the time of trouble God shall hide me..He shall set me high upon a rock" (Psalm 27:5). It doesn't say we won't have trouble. Difficulties may come, but God's promise is that He's going to hide us. He's going to make you invisible to the enemy.

You don't know how many times trouble has come, but it couldn't find you. Sickness had your name on it, but when it showed up, you were invisible. That accident was sent to take you out, but when it arrived, you were nowhere to be found. You didn't know anything about it. You were just going about your day, being your best, and forces that should have stopped you, troubles that should have defeated you and caused you great heartache, didn't have any effect on you. Why? You were invisible to the enemy.

When the pandemic hit, a couple we know own a business in the service industry that looked as though it should go down. Many of their competitors had to lay people off and cut back their operating hours. But this couple had a different approach. They understood that when trouble comes, God can make you invisible to what's going on around you--to a down economy, to an environment that says lack and not enough. Instead of complaining, their report was, "Father, thank You that even in famine, we will have more than enough. Thank You that the economy is not our source; You are our source."

This couple dared to believe for overflow. They said that this July, in the middle of the pandemic, they had their best month ever, going back over twenty years. Then August beat July, and September beat August. They kept increasing, defying the odds. They can't explain it. When competitors are going down, they're going up. How can this be? They are invisible to the enemy. When you honor God, when you keep Him first place, what limits others won't limit you.

That's why we can live from a place of peace, a place of trust, and not worry or fear. You may have difficulties now in your health, your finances, or your marriage, but as with David, God has put you in a safe place. You can say, "Father, thank You that I am invisible to the enemy. Thank You that my health, my finances, my marriage, my children, and my dreams are all invisible to the enemy. I rest in You because You have put me out of reach of the enemy."
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