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How Are You Seeing Your Life?
By Victoria Osteen - Jan 12, 2021
I'm sure that we all know someone who is always bent toward the negative. If you ask him or her, "How are you doing today?" you know you're going to hear a whole list of things that are going wrong in that person's life. While those facts may be true, you also know there's a bright side to his or her life that's not being seen or is being overlooked. For instance, I know a lady who always complains about her husband's negatives even though I know her husband loves and cares for her and their family dearly. Instead of looking at the richness in her life, she chooses to look at the negative.

Did you get up this morning ready to embrace and enjoy the day? Too many people allow their circumstances to dictate their attitude. They don't realize that their attitude is a choice they make every day. The Bible tells us to constantly "be made new in the attitude of our mind" (Ephesians 4:23). We choose the way we see life, whether we will be grateful or negative about what we think is good and not good. When we begin to focus on the negative, we see more negative and allow it to give us a negative perspective on life. It's like swimming against the current. It's just a struggle.

We need to learn how to manage our thoughts and to be made new in our attitudes. When you get down and discouraged about something, stop and ask yourself, "What am I thinking about?" Oftentimes at that point you need to push your thoughts around so your thoughts don't push you around. You need to rearrange your thoughts in simple ways so you can literally see what you have and then enjoy what you have. Sometimes you just need to change the atmosphere that you're in. Maybe you need to walk outside and look at the trees, the sky, and the beautiful flowers that God has created and think about something different. Maybe there are some mundane things that you're doing that you need to change, such as going out to lunch with some new people and listening to their ideas and learning about their lives. Sometimes you just need to get a new outlook on what you already have. It might be as simple as writing down all the things that are right in your life.

You've heard the saying, "Your attitude determines your altitude." Your attitude has a direct correlation with your success. Someone with a good attitude sees solutions and feels as though they can tackle anything. How you see your life makes all the difference in the world!
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