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By Joel Osteen - May 21, 2021
We all have times when we feel we've reached our limits. We've done our best at work, stayed in faith, but the dream seems too big, the challenge too strong. We've come to the end of our ability. If only we had more talent, more stamina, more favor, more creativity, then we could defeat the giant, then we could accomplish the dream. God knew there would be times like these when we can't fulfill our purpose on our own--we're at a disadvantage, the giant is bigger, the opposition is stronger, we don't have the endurance to withstand what we're up against.

As a teenager, David felt this way when he saw Goliath. His reasoning said, "You don't have a chance. He's twice your size." David had a good heart and was faithful, but he was limited. He didn't have the size, the strength, the experience. But David knew a secret. He says, "You have supercharged my life so I can soar again like an eagle flying in the sky" (Psalm 103:5). You may feel that you're at a disadvantage, the giants are bigger. You don't have the strength, the talent, or the endurance. But God is saying, "Don't worry. I'm about to supercharge your life. I'm going to give you strength that you've never had, ability that you've never seen, and favor that will catapult you ahead."

God will never let you face a giant that you can't overcome. He'll never put a dream in your heart that you can't accomplish. You may not have the size, the skill, or the experience. That's okay, because a supercharge is coming. When God breathes on your life, you will accomplish things that seem impossible. You'll outlast opposition that should have overwhelmed you. You'll discover talent and ability that you didn't know you had. Instead of thinking, "I can't take this. These obstacles are so big," turn it around and say, "Father, thank You for supercharging my life. Thank You for supernatural favor, supernatural strength, supernatural ability."

When David went out to face Goliath, he could have been afraid, but he suddenly felt a strength and courage that he had never felt. He slung that stone with such force and accuracy that it knocked Goliath to the ground unconscious. How could that happen? God supercharged his life. David also says, "For by You I can run through a troop, and by my God I can leap over a wall" (Psalm 18:29). We can't do that in our own ability, but when God supercharges your life, you'll accomplish what you can't accomplish on your own. Don't be discouraged because you feel limited and you're facing obstacles that seem bigger--a supercharge is coming. It's the hand of God causing you to soar.
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