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Wisdom for the Difficult Seasons
By Joel Osteen - Jun 18, 2021
Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived. He wrote in Ecclesiastes 3: "There is a time to be born, and a time to die. A time to plant, and a time to harvest. A time for sadness, and a time for joy." He was saying, "Life is going to happen to us all. There are going to be ups and downs, victories and losses, good friends and betrayals, promotions and setbacks." After listing the different seasons of life, he says, "I've thought about this and come to the conclusion that God makes all things beautiful in its time."

You're going to go through things that are unfair, people who do you wrong, setbacks in your health. It's easy to live discouraged and think that it's never going to work out, but if you stay in faith and keep moving forward, in time God will make all things beautiful. Things may not be beautiful right now, but you don't have to live worried. God is working behind the scenes. He's going to resolve things that look like they could never be resolved. The bad break, the loss, or the mistake you made is not how your story ends. Beauty is coming, restoration is coming, healing is coming, favor is coming. It's going to turn out better than you've ever imagined.

God will make all things beautiful, including the closed doors, the breakups, and the failures. That's how awesome our God is. Don't live sour because of what didn't work out, bitter over the person who walked away, upset over the contract that should have been yours. Let it go. God saw what happened. He has beauty for the ashes and joy for the mourning. He says He will pay you back double for the wrongs. He just needs some time. Now while you're waiting, stay in faith. Pass the test. Keep doing the right thing. Keep going to work with a good attitude. Keep praising when you could be complaining. Keep speaking victory in the face of defeat.

Don't judge the rest of your life by one difficult season. Thoughts will tell you, "It's never going to change. This is my lot in life." Don't believe those lies. God is still on the throne. He has you in the palms of His hands. At the right time, you're going to be so blessed that you won't think about what you lost or about who did you wrong. You'll be so fulfilled that you won't dwell on the negative things of your past. You keep honoring God, and He's promised He will make all things beautiful. He's going to do something awesome in your life. Now here's the key: Just give Him some time.
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