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Are You Touching Him?
By Joel Osteen - Jul 09, 2021
In Mark 5, there was a lady who had a bleeding disorder for twelve years. She had gone to many doctors and spent all her money trying to get well, but she only got worse. One day she heard that Jesus was passing through her town. She had heard stories of His healing the sick, and something came alive inside. She thought, "He can do it for me too." She said to herself, "f I can get to Jesus and just touch the fringe of His robe, I know I'll be healed."

But there was a huge crowd packed in around Jesus. It looked impossible. Most people would have given up, but not her. She started pushing her way through the crowd. "I don't mean to be rude, but move out of the way." People looked at her like, "What's her problem?" I'm sure she was weak from the blood loss, but she had a made-up mind to get through the crowd. One version says, "She kept saying to herself, 'If I only touch His clothes, I will be well.'" She could keep going because she kept the right thoughts playing in her mind.

When she reached out and touched the edge of Jesus' robe, He stopped and asked His disciples, "Who just touched me?" They said, "What do You mean? It's so crowded that everyone is touching You." Jesus said, in effect, "No, they're bumping into me, but somebody touched Me expecting things to change. Somebody drew the miracle-working power out of Me." When He saw this woman, He said, "Your faith has made you whole. Go in peace" (Mark 5:34). Notice the key was her faith. There were other sick people in the crowd that day who no doubt bumped up against Jesus, but nothing happened. This lady touched Him. When you believe, when you live with expectancy, your faith can stop the Creator of the universe. That's what activates His power.

In many of the healings that Jesus performed, He laid His hands on people. But in this case, the woman laid her hands on Jesus. Are you waiting for God to lay hands on you, so to speak? Are you brushing up against Him or are you touching Him? Are you living with expectancy, knowing that He's bigger than your problems, greater than that sickness, more powerful than that addiction, or are you discouraged, thinking it will never change? God is passing by. He has all power. Don't just brush up against Him. Don't be passive and think you'll never accomplish your dreams, never start your business, never meet the right person. Your faith can activate God's power to do amazing things. Do like this woman--touch Him and believe it will happen!
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