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Extra-Mile Blessings
By Joel Osteen - Oct 08, 2021
There are times when God asks us to do things that are hard, things that don't make sense. It might be to give something to others when we need it more than them. Perhaps it's to take a step of faith when we don't have the experience or to forgive someone who doesn't deserve it. Everything in our logic says, "This isn't right. It's not fair." God is asking you to go the extra mile. When you obey, there's a blessing that follows. If you're going to see extra-mile blessings, you have to have extra-mile obedience. When you do the hard thing that God's asking you to do, it's not because God's trying to make your life miserable. It's because He has something awesome coming your way. He's setting you up for promotion, divine connections, favor that you've never seen.

In 1 Kings 17, there was a severe drought in the land. A widow and her son only had enough flour and oil for one last meal. They had already accepted that they would die after this when the prophet Elijah showed up and asked her to make him a loaf of bread. That didn't make sense. She and her son needed that meal. But Elijah told her that if she did this, "The jar of flour will not be used up and the jug of oil will not run dry until the day the Lord sends rain on the land." He was saying, "If you'll have extra-mile obedience, you'll see an extra-mile blessing, supernatural provision and increase." This woman dared to obey, and it set a miracle into motion.

Is God asking you to do something that seems hard and uncomfortable--to break away from friends who cause you to compromise, to be more disciplined in what you're watching, to go back to school and get your degree? Everything in your reasoning will tell you, "You don't have time. It's not going to work. Don't rock the boat." Yes, it may be difficult, but if you could see the blessing that is attached to that obedience, if you could see the joy, the fulfillment, the provision, you would dig down deep and do it.

You can't reach the fullness of your destiny without extra-mile obedience. There are good breaks, increase, and healing that are only connected to doing the right thing when it's hard. When you pass that test, you will come into moments that thrust you into your purpose. When you&'re about to go to a new level, when you're about to see something unusual, out of the ordinary, don't be surprised if God asks you to do a hard thing, to go the extra mile. The question is, will you have extra-mile obedience?
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