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Are You Thirsty?
By Joel Osteen - Nov 05, 2021
Water is essential to our life, to our organs, to our skin, so God put in us a natural mechanism that sends a signal to our brain that tells us when our body is thirsty. If we drink water, we get hydrated and everything is fine. But if we ignore or suppress the signal long enough, the body stops sending the signal and begins to conserve water, thinking that water is scarce. People who become chronically dehydrated commonly say they simply are not thirsty.

I believe the natural parallels the spiritual. God created us to be thirsty. He put dreams in our hearts. He's given us goals to pursue. Even when we're in difficulties, there's something telling us that we're supposed to overcome. But when we've gone through disappointments, we didn't get the promotion, an illness set us back, it's easy to lose our thirst. We used to be passionate about being the best at our job, starting a business, meeting the right person, but we've settled where we are, thinking that it's not meant to be. But God didn't create you to live in mediocrity, to just go through the motions of life, to have no passion. You have to get thirsty again. Just because the dream hasn't come to pass, or you haven't met the right person yet, or the medical report hasn't improved, doesn't mean it's not going to happen.

But there is a condition: "God satisfies the thirsty soul with good things" (Psalm 107:9). If you're going to see good things--healing, breakthroughs, and favor--you have to stay thirsty. You have to keep believing for your dreams, keep expecting new doors to open, keep declaring favor over your children, keep speaking promises over your health. God didn't put a dream in your heart that He can't bring to pass. There's not a problem you're in that He can't solve. The question is, are you thirsty?

Isaiah 30:18 says, "The Lord longs to be gracious to you. Good will come to all those who hope in Him." Are you looking for God's goodness? Are you expecting favor, believing to rise higher, to accomplish what He's put in your heart? God meets you at the level of your expectations. If you expect nothing, you're going to receive nothing. God doesn't satisfy the doubting soul, the negative soul, the passive soul; He satisfies the thirsty soul with good things. Don't fall into the trap of going through life with no thirst, no passion, no zeal, thinking you've seen your best days. Get thirsty again, start dreaming again, start believing again, start hoping again. When you're thirsty, miracles are set in motion. God will make things happen that you can't make happen.
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