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The Blessing
By Joel Osteen - Dec 03, 2021
In the Old Testament, when an elderly father was about to pass, he would place his hand on his children's heads and speak loving, faith-filled words over them. These words would help set the direction for their lives. It was called "the blessing." It was so valuable that when Jacob tricked his father, Isaac, into giving him the blessing that belonged to his older brother, Esau, it was devastating to Esau (Genesis 27). He knew he would live at a disadvantage and be limited. The blessing meant that Jacob's life would be filled with favor, abundance, influence, and strength to overcome whatever came his way. Sons and daughters knew that without it could mean a life of struggle and hardship. They longed for the day when they felt their father's hand on their head. It was a destiny moment. Some of us have received this blessing from fathers who spoke faith into us. For others, their father wasn't around, or maybe he spoke discouraging words, telling you what you couldn't become. Perhaps you didn't get this blessing and think you're at a disadvantage.

In the Scripture, David's father looked down on him and left him out in the shepherds' fields. David could have thought, "I can't do anything great. I didn't get the blessing." But David said in Psalm 139, "God, You place Your hand of blessing on my head." As powerful as the blessing is from your natural father, imagine your Heavenly Father placing His hand of blessing on you. In the Scripture, Jesus laid hands on people and healed the sick. Paul laid hands on Timothy to ignite his gifts. Laying on of hands was a significant moment, a transfer of power and healing. When the Most High God placed His hand of blessing on your head, He marked you for favor, for greatness, to overcome obstacles. You're a marked man, a marked woman. What other people do cannot stop the blessing. They didn't give it, so they can't take it. It didn't come from people; it came from your Father in Heaven.

Today, close your eyes and see God's hand of blessing on your life. When dreams seem impossible, the obstacle too big, you're weary, and you don't think you can go on, just picture the Creator of the universe laying His hands on your head, releasing favor, healing, strength, breakthroughs. You are not limited or lacking. God's hand of blessing will cause you to defeat giants and part a Red Sea when you're at a dead end. It's a hedge of protection, keeping you safe from what should harm you. It's a divine empowerment. You'll discover ability that you didn't know you had. Let the Most High God put His hand of blessing on your life.
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