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You’re Being Carried
By Joel Osteen - Jan 07, 2022
We all face seasons when we don’t see how we’re going to make it through—we lose a loved one, we’re dealing with a sickness, we have a child who’s off course. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, to live worried and think we don’t have the strength to go on. But David says, “Each day God carries us in His arms” (Psalm 68:19). You may have situations that you feel are too much for you, but God is saying, “Don’t worry. I’m going to carry you. You’re going to feel supernatural strength, a peace that passes understanding, and favor that causes things to fall into place.” On your own, you wouldn’t make it through the financial setback, the divorce, or the trouble at work, but you’re being carried by the God who created you.

God has grace for every season. He’s been carrying you for your whole life. When you look back, perhaps you can see how He carried you through a sickness and gave you a strength you had never felt. Or perhaps He carried you through a loss. It was painful, but deep down you felt a peace and were able to keep moving forward. Or perhaps He carried you through a challenge with your child. You should have had a nervous breakdown, and it should have caused you to give up on your dreams. But every day you had the grace to stay in faith. You believed when every thought said, “It’s never going to work out.” Here you are on the other side—blessed, healthy, and stronger than ever. Can I encourage you? If God carried you back then, He’s going to carry you now. Whatever you’re facing may seem insurmountable, but it’s not going to defeat you. It’s not going to be too much. You’re not going to be overwhelmed. You’re being carried by the Creator of the universe.

God said to the Israelites, “You saw how I snatched you from the bonds of slavery and carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to Myself” (Exodus 19:4). You may have some oppression, some things that are unfair, some things you don’t understand, but stay encouraged. Eagles’ wings are coming. The God who made you is going to carry you out of the depression, out of the heartache, out of the loneliness, out of poverty, lack, and not having enough. That is not how your story ends. He’s about to carry you into abundance, carry you into freedom, carry you into joy, peace, favor, breakthroughs. It looked as though you were stuck, but you’re about to feel some eagle’s wings lifting you, restoring you, promoting you, taking you where you can’t go on your own.
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