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What’s on the Other Side of Every Problem?
By Joel Osteen - Jan 21, 2022
None of us like problems that come against us or people who are unfair. It's easy to get discouraged and lose our passion. But God won't allow a difficulty unless He has a purpose for it. He may not have sent the trouble, but He knows how to use it to your advantage. On the other side of every problem is promotion. The difficulty feels like a setback, but it's really a setup for God to do something new in your life.

When God wanted to promote David from the shepherds' fields to the palace, He didn't open a new door or send a friend to help. No, God sent him a problem--a giant. David could have thought, "God, You said You were going to show me favor, so why am I facing Goliath?" But David understood that with the problem came promotion to the throne. On the other side of that difficulty was a new level of his destiny. He went out and defeated Goliath, and instantly his life changed. New doors opened. He gained respect, influence, and favor like he'd never seen. Some promotions only come through adversity, through closed doors, through things that are unfair. You can't reach your potential without problems.

When you understand that there is promotion in every problem, you'll keep a good attitude. "God, I don't like this problem, but I know that You're in control. You're ordering my steps. I'm going to come out stronger, promoted, better than I was before." Sometimes the promotion means you've developed a greater trust in God. You saw His faithfulness, felt Him strengthening you, making a way where you didn't see a way. Your faith grew, your spiritual muscles got stronger, and your character was developed. Every time you come through a challenge, that's fuel for your faith. God is preparing you for greater things. The next time you face a problem like that, you'll think, "This is no big deal. He brought me through this in the past, and He'll take me through it now."

God says, "Trust Me in your times of trouble, so I can rescue you and you can give me glory" (Psalm 50:15). He didn't say, "Trust Me, and I'll keep you from trouble." He says, "Trust Me when things don't make sense, when the medical report is not good, when a loved one doesn't make it." God is not going to leave you in the trouble, the heartache, or the dysfunction. He will rescue you and turn things around. Chains that have held you back will be broken. You're about to see sudden breakthroughs, healings, promotions. It's going to be unusual and uncommon. You couldn't make it happen, but you will know it's the hand of God.
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