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Open the Ancient Gates
By Joel Osteen - Feb 11, 2022
We all face situations where it seems as though the door is shut. We're working hard, but not getting good breaks. The loan didn't go through. We still have the addiction. Thoughts will tell you, "That door is never going to open." Sometimes it's as though you're permanently locked out. A friend walked away, a person betrayed you, or you came down with an illness. But the Scripture says, "God will open doors that no person can shut" (Revelation 3:7). God is your doorkeeper. He's in control of the doors in your life.

You may be up against a chained door with a dead bolt lock. There's no way you can get well, start the business, or break the addiction. But when it's your time, the Most High God will break the chains and unlock that door. You're about to walk into what you've been shut out of--promotion, healing, freedom, the right people. Don't believe the lies that the doors are permanently closed. The God who opens doors is doing a new thing. He's about to take you where you've never been.

The Israelites were shut out of the Promised Land for their disobedience and wandered in the desert for forty years. They could see it, but the door was closed. But just because a door has been closed doesn't mean it's going to stay closed. God told Joshua, "In three days you will go in and take possession of the land" (Joshua 1:11). He was saying, "This is a new season. I'm going to open the door that's been closed for a long time."

David says, "Open up, you ancient gates, and the King of glory will come in" (Psalm 24:7). Ancient gates mean doors that have been shut for years, things you've been shut out of by lack, depression, low self-esteem, or mediocrity. Ancient gates are about to open up, and you're about to walk into blessings, freedom, wholeness, and new levels. Chains are breaking right now, dead bolts are coming off, and ancient doors are opening. What you couldn't make happen, the King of glory, the Most High God, your doorkeeper, will make happen. You're coming into a season of greater favor, greater opportunity, greater anointing, greater influence.

When you realize that God is your doorkeeper, you can live in peace. You can stay in faith, knowing that God will get you to where you're supposed to be. When the ancient gate is not moving, keep walking by faith. Keep telling every closed door, "You're not permanent. My doorkeeper has the final say." When it's the right time, it's going to open. You didn't have to force it, manipulate the situation, or strive to make it happen. It will be the hand of God.
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