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Run to Your Giants
By Joel Osteen - Mar 18, 2022
It's easy to avoid things in life that we should be dealing with. Instead of forgiving people who have done us wrong and moving on, we push the hurt down. Or maybe we need to apologize and make things right with someone, but that's uncomfortable, so we keep putting it off. Perhaps a new door opens, and we know it's a God-given opportunity, but we're afraid and feel unqualified. Instead of confronting our fear, we run from it. Some people spend their whole life running--running from dealing with their temper, running from getting back in shape, running from the call of God on their life.

As long as you're running away, you're going to miss the greatness God put in you. You can't conquer what you don't confront. Too often we're comforting what we should be confronting. We're making lists of excuses. But you can't run from everything that's uncomfortable. You can't ignore issues, sweep them under the rug, and think they'll go away. When you get honest with yourself, when you confront what you know you need to deal with, it may be uncomfortable, but God gives you the grace, the strength, and the power to do what you couldn't do on your own.

When David saw Goliath on the battlefield, everything in his mind told him, "He's too big. You better run the other way just like everyone else in the army is doing." But the Scripture says, "David ran quickly to attack Goliath" (1 Samuel 17:48). David knew that if he didn't confront this giant, if he didn't face his fear, he would miss his destiny. He was uncomfortable, his emotions weren't supporting him, and it was difficult, but as he ran to the giant, he began to feel strength that he never felt, a confidence, boldness, and skill. He slung the rock and defeated Goliath. When you run to your giants, God will make things happen that you couldn't make happen. When you run to what you know you need to confront, you're running to your purpose.

Don't take the easy way out and spend your life running from your past, running from mistakes, running from people who did you wrong, running from fears, from insecurity, from pride. God is saying that it's time to stop running. Face those giants. Confront what you've been ignoring. On the other side of that giant is a new level of your destiny. As with David, when God sees you make a move to start running toward what's hindering you, to deal with what you've been ignoring, God will breathe on your life, and it won't be as difficult as you think. He will go before you and take you to levels that you've never dreamed.
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