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The Battle Has Already Been Won
By Joel Osteen - May 06, 2022
We all face situations that should hold us back. What we're up against is bigger and stronger, and it's easy to be intimidated and live in fear, thinking that we can never move forward. But the Scripture says, "Because you belong to God, you have already defeated the enemy" (1 John 4:4). What's against you has already been defeated. God is not in the heavens fighting with the enemy, trying to free you, heal you, deliver you, or favor you. The battle has already been won two thousand years ago. When Jesus rose from the grave, He defeated death and everything that can hold you back. He took care of it once and for all. The writer of Hebrews says, "He rendered the enemy powerless" (Hebrews 2:14). Another translation says, "He brought him to naught," which means zero. It wasn't even close. It was a shutout.

Here's the beauty: Because you belong to God, because you're His child, you have already defeated the enemy. You need to see anything you face in life as defeated. Don't pray for victory; pray from victory. "Father, thank You that I am free, healed, forgiven, prosperous, and victorious." But the challenge is that even though our enemy is defeated, he makes a lot of noise. The Scripture says, "He prowls around like a roaring lion" (1 Peter 5:8). He's like a lion, not a lion. He'll roar negative thoughts, such as, "That sickness will be the end of you. You've made too many mistakes. Nothing good is in your future." Do yourself a favor: Ignore the roar. Don't believe his lies. When those thoughts come, just give him the zero sign. Remind him, "You have no power over me. You've already been defeated. Because I belong to God, I will walk in victory. I will live and not die. I will prosper and succeed. I will stay in peace in the midst of a storm."

The prophet Daniel says, "The people who know their God will be strong and do exploits" (Daniel 11:32). When you know your God and what He's done, that He's already defeated the enemy, that He's taken away his power, that He's brought him to zero, you'll be strong. You won't be moved by opposition, you won't fall apart when trouble comes, you won't give up because somebody did you wrong. You know it can't stop your purpose. You'll not only have a supernatural strength, but you'll do exploits. You'll take your family to a new level, break addictions that have held you back, and accomplish dreams that are bigger than you've imagined. Have the right perspective: Whatever enemies you face--enemies of fear, depression, sickness, or insecurity--have already been defeated.
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