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A Sudden Shift of Position
By Joel Osteen - May 20, 2022
We all have dreams and goals that we want to accomplish. We know God has put it in our heart to start a business, to help build an orphanage, or to send our children to college, but we don't have the resources, the position, or the influence to do it. It seems as though we're limited. But the Scripture says, "The wealth of the ungodly is laid up for the righteous" (Proverbs 13:22). Other versions say that it will be given or transferred to the righteous.

You may not be able to accomplish your dreams on your own. What's in your heart is too big for your bank account. You have the vision, you want to leave your family better off, but you don't have the position. The good news is that a transfer is coming. God doesn't give you the vision without having provisions. He's already lined up the transfers--good breaks and divine connections. Because you're the righteous, because you keep God first place, you're faithful, generous, and good to others, God says He's going to take from those who are not using their resources in a positive way. They're not using their influence or their means to help mankind. They're only focused on themselves, and He's going to transfer that into your hands. It's going to be out of the ordinary, where you have the means to accomplish things you've never dreamed. You can leave an inheritance to your children's children, expand your business, support a girls' home, or move into a nice neighborhood.

Here's the key: You don't have to chase the blessing. When you chase after God, the blessing will chase you. These transfers will track you down. The Scripture says that when you honor God, His blessings will overtake you. One version says they will catch you by surprise. You won't see it coming. You never dreamed you could pay off your house or send your child to college, then suddenly a transfer comes--a promotion, an inheritance, a business opportunity. You never dreamed you'd be running your department at work. What happened? You came into a transfer. God took you from the back to the front, from renting to owning, from not having enough to more than enough.

This transfer is not just material things. It's also influence and prestige. People who didn't give you credit or value your ideas will see you in a new light. Just keep doing the right thing and being your best. They may discount you now, but a transfer is coming. The day is coming when you'll be in a position of honor and influence. It's going to happen suddenly. You couldn't make it happen. It's the hand of God.
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