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Was He Just the Carpenter’s Son?
By Joel Osteen - Jun 24, 2022
We all face times when what we're up against is too big for us--the dream too great, the problem too strong, the opposition too powerful. People rule us out and say, "It's never going to happen. You don't have the resources or come from the right family. The medical report is not good." All the facts say, "It's impossible," but God will have you underestimated on purpose. When it seems the least likely, that's when He shows up the greatest. Don't get discouraged when you're underestimated; it's a setup. God put you in that position to show Himself strong. When you defy the odds, everyone will know His favor is on your life.

But when you're outnumbered, outsized, out-trained, out-educated, don't be surprised if people say, "You're not talented enough, smart enough, strong enough, experienced enough." What they can't see is what God put in you. They're just looking on the outside from a natural perspective, but you have something inside, the seed of Almighty God. It will take you where you can't go on your own. But sometimes doubt will whisper, "You don't have what it takes to accomplish that dream. Where are you going to get the funds? You're barely making it each week. How can you get that promotion? Your coworkers are more qualified." Deep down you can't explain it, but something tells you, "You can do it. You were created for this." You know it's going to happen.

We see this principle even in the life of Jesus. He could have been born in a palace, born into royalty, born into wealth and influence. Instead, He was born in a manger, wrapped in a blanket used for animals. His mother was from a low-income family, didn't have status or clout. Nobody knew her. Jesus could have been raised in Rome, but he grew up in Nazareth. When He started doing miracles, people were confused. They said, "Can anything good come out of Nazareth?" (John 1:46). They were saying, "This doesn't make sense. Nobody significant lives here." Another time they asked, "Isn't this the carpenter's son?" (Matthew 13:55). Looking at Jesus from the outside, they saw nothing special about Him and constantly underestimated Him.

To reach your destiny you have to tune out all the naysayers, the intimidations, the "can't do it" thoughts. God is causing you to be underestimated on purpose. That's a sign that you're right where you're supposed to be. God is positioning you to do something that you've never seen, to defy the odds, to go where no one in your family has gone, to bring down giants, to set new standards. What God is about to do in your life will not only amaze you, but other people will be scratching their heads.
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