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A Reversal Is Coming
By Joel Osteen - Aug 26, 2022
We all face times when we feel that we're at a disadvantage. Others have more experience, more qualifications, more resources, and they get the good breaks, the best positions. It's easy to feel overlooked, left out, secondary, not having much to offer. But Jesus says, "The last shall be first" (Matthew 20:16). God knows how to reverse the order. He loves to promote people who are not next in line, who are discounted, and push them into their destiny. One shift, one good break, and you'll go from being overlooked to being in charge, from being disrespected to being honored.

Don't get discouraged if you feel as though you're the last, so to speak. You're in perfect position for God to show out in your life. The last is a setup. Being discounted and left out is not how your story ends. A reversal is coming, a shift, a suddenly, something uncommon, when God catapults you from the back to the front, from borrowing to lending, from business is slow to business is booming, from sickness to health. You couldn't have made it happen. People who wouldn't give you the time of day will suddenly look up to you. Your marriage looked too far gone, but suddenly a reversal. You thought your business was done, then one shift and suddenly things are stronger than ever.

Now, get in agreement with God. No more "I'll never get ahead" or "Nobody gives me the time of day." Turn it around and say, "Father, thank You that a reversal is coming. Thank You that You are shifting things in my favor, that I'll come out stronger, healthier, promoted, honored." Don't live with a victim mentality or a lack mind-set. Your lot in life is to excel, to be the head and not the tail. You may be the tail now, but that's temporary. Good breaks, divine connections, and favor will catapult you to the front.

Now, you don't have to make this happen. You don't have to strive, manipulate people, or force doors to open. You just keep honoring God, doing the right thing when it's hard, being good to people who are not being good to you. Keep praising and thanking God. You do your part, and God will do His part. Promotion doesn't come from people; it comes from the Lord. He lifts up one and sets down another. He sees you being overlooked, discounted, treated unfairly, and going through bad breaks. The God whom we serve knows how to reverse the order. You'll go from the back to the front, from being overlooked to being honored, from struggling to succeeding. It may not have happened yet, but your time is coming. Your reversal is already on the schedule.
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