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Have You Discovered What’s in You?
By Joel Osteen - Sep 03, 2022
We all face pressure in life and times when we feel overwhelmed. The obstacle looks too big, we never dreamed we'd be dealing with a sickness, we thought the trouble at work would be over by now. It's easy to feel as though we can't take it anymore. But we can't have a weak mentality. You weren't created to fall apart when pressure comes. You are stronger than you think, more favored than you think, more anointed than you think. God designed you with special strength, with courage, with fortitude, with stamina. When you start seeing yourself as strong, empowered, and well able, you won't live overwhelmed. You'll discover strength that you didn't know you had.

This is what happened to Gideon in Judges 6. He was hiding in the winepress as he threshed wheat, afraid of the Midianites who had surrounded his city. You can imagine the pressure he was under, how he felt overwhelmed, worried, wondering what was going to happen. Just then an angel showed up and said, "Mighty hero, the Lord is with you." Gideon was hiding. He didn't feel courageous. He felt weak and intimidated. The angel was saying in effect, "Gideon, you are stronger than you think. You think it's unbearable, too much to handle, but you have what it takes. You're courageous, you're talented, you're favored, and you're well able." Gideon didn't know what was in him. He saw what was around him--enemies that looked too big, opposition that seemed insurmountable. The angel showed up to remind him of what was in him.

The angel went on to say, "Gideon, you are to lead the people of Israel against the Midianites." But Gideon replied, "Are you kidding? I come from the poorest family, and I am the least one in my father's house." He was saying, "You're calling me strong, but do you know where I come from? Do you see what I'm up against?" Gideon didn't understand that God won't let us get in a situation too big for us if He hasn't already equipped us for it. The fact that you're in it means you can handle it.

As with Gideon, you are stronger than you think. You are more powerful than you think. You were created to overcome, born with what you need to defeat what's trying to stop you. You may feel weak, intimidated, and overwhelmed, but you can't let your feelings have the final say. You have to go by what you know God says, not by what you feel. The Most High God is breathing on your life. He's saying to you today, "Mighty hero, stand strong. Mighty hero, you are well able. Mighty hero, rise up and discover what's really in you."
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