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Ask God Big
By Joel Osteen - Sep 23, 2022
One reason we don't see God do great things is we're only asking Him for small things. We pray over our food, we pray for protection, and we pray for wisdom. That's all good, but when was the last time you asked God to do something that seems impossible, something out of the ordinary, something you couldn't accomplish on your own? If God answered everything you're praying about now, would it be big enough, would you be satisfied? Are you asking for your dreams? Are you asking for those secret petitions He's put in your heart? You know those are from Him, but you haven't told anyone because it seems too far out.

Many prayers are not being answered simply because they're not being asked. If you only pray small prayers, you're not going to see the greatness of our God. If you only ask for little things, you're not going to reach the fullness of your destiny. There are dreams that God has put in your heart that you can't accomplish on your own. There are obstacles that you'll face that are too big for you to overcome by yourself. If you don't learn to pray bold prayers, if you don't learn to ask God big, to ask for your dreams, for things that are over your head, you'll get stuck where you are.

James 4:3 says, "You ask and do not receive because you ask amiss" The word "amiss" in the original language means sick, weak, miserable. This is saying, "You won't receive when you pray sick prayers, when you pray weak prayers." When we pray to just endure and make it through, that's a sick prayer. "God, I'm so defeated and under so much pressure. Please do something." That prayer needs to go to urgent care, that prayer is on its last leg. Try a different approach, try a bold prayer. "God, I have a lot coming against me, but I know You being for me is greater than what's trying to stop me. Thank You that the tide of the battle is beginning to turn right now." That's a healthy prayer. That gets God's attention. He responds to faith-filled prayers.

Bold prayers cause angels to go to work. Bold prayers open doors you could never open. Bold prayers turn impossible situations around. When you pray boldly, you're releasing your faith. You're saying, "God, I know there's nothing too hard for You. I know You're the all-powerful Creator of the universe, that You can take me where I can't go on my own."Ask Him for what you want Him to do, ask Him for what you're believing for, ask Him today and watch what God will do.
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