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Wrongs That Lead to Rights
By Joel Osteen - Oct 14, 2022
We all have times in life when what happens to us is wrong. A coworker leaves us out, someone walks away, a door closes, or a pandemic hits right when we start our business. It's easy to get discouraged and think we must have missed it because it didn't work out. But God uses the wrongs to move us into our purpose. What looks like a setback is really a divine detour, the hand of God taking us through wrongs that lead us to rights. If you don't understand this, you'll fight everything that goes wrong. But if you understand that the wrongs are a part of God's plan to get to the rights, you'll stay in peace, trusting that God is ordering your steps.

When Jesus was on the Mount of Olives about to be arrested and crucified, the officers of the temple guard approached Him. Peter said, "This is wrong," and he struck one of them with his sword. It was wrong that Judas betrayed Jesus, wrong that the religious leaders falsely accused and crucified Him. Peter was right that it was wrong, and the other disciples were about to draw their swords, but Jesus said to them, "Don't resist anymore!" (Luke 22:51). He was saying, "Quit fighting these wrongs. They're a part of My destiny." The disciples couldn't see that all these wrongs against Jesus were leading to a right. They were necessary to get Jesus to the cross. It wasn't the enemy leading Him into the wrongs; it was the hand of God.

Too many people get stuck in the wrongs-the delays, the setbacks, the position you didn't get, the hurtful things you don't understand. As Peter did, you'll be tempted to fight, get upset, live frustrated, and say, "God, why did this happen? Where are You?" No, God is saying, "I am in complete control. Quit fighting everything you don't like. Those wrongs are leading you to a right. Don't fight it; flow with it." You have to get through the wrongs to become who you were created to be.

The enemy will bring wrongs, but God won't allowed it if it isn't leading you to the right thing. It's a divine detour. Every wrong is not the enemy. Sometimes it's God working out His plan for your life. How you handle the wrongs will depend on whether you see the right. If you see every wrong as the enemy, and if you get upset and try to pay people back, you'll get stuck. But when you understand that God has divine detours, that He uses the wrongs, things we don't understand, to move us into our destiny, you won't fight it. You'll flow with it and see the awesome things God has in store.
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