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What Kind of Atmosphere Are You Creating?
By Joel Osteen - Dec 30, 2022
We're all creating an atmosphere around us by what we're thinking, by what we're saying, by our attitude. It's easy to be negative and say, "Look at this doctor's report. This traffic is bad. These people did me wrong." Whatever you're sending out, you're going to draw in. If you're creating a negative atmosphere, that's going to attract discouragement, defeat, and bad breaks. But when you create an atmosphere of praise, when you're always thanking God for what He's done, you get up in the morning and say, "Lord, thank You that I'm alive today and surrounded by Your favor. Thank You for my beautiful children. Thank You that goodness and mercy are following me." That faith-filled atmosphere is going to draw in favor, good breaks, peace, and joy.

Pay attention to what kind of atmosphere you're creating. If you go around complaining about how a problem is not going to work out, you can't reach your potential. That negative atmosphere is stopping your victory. The Scripture says, "God inhabits the praises of His people" (Psalm 22:3). He doesn't inhabit complaints, frustrations, and worry. "Why is this taking so long? I never get a good break." That doesn't get God's attention. But when He hears you talking about His greatness, praising when you could be complaining, declaring His promises when you're up against giants, thanking Him that He's working when nothing is changing, that's when God says, "Let Me step in, fight that battle, and make a way. Let Me bring promotion, healing, and favor." Other versions say, "God is enthroned upon our praises." When you're full of praise, you're building a throne for God to sit on. When you go through the day being grateful, focused on what's right, being good to people, having a spring in your step and a smile on your face, that's not just having a positive attitude-you're inviting God into your life, into your circumstances, into your emotions.

When you're up against challenges that seem too big or dreams that look impossible, you'll be tempted to worry, to live stressed and complaining. But the best thing you can do is give God praise. A situation may be too much for you, but it's not too much for Him. David says, "Magnify the Lord with me" (Psalm 34:3). Don't magnify your problems. Magnify your God. Thank Him for who He is. "Lord, You are the all-powerful Creator of the universe. You are the great I AM. You are my provider, my healer, my protector, my deliverer, my way maker." That's what causes God to show up-not begging Him, not complaining, not worrying. Switch over into praise. That's what attracts the most powerful force in the universe.
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