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Built Any Altars Lately?
By Joel Osteen - Mar 24, 2023

We can all look back in life and see times when God made a way. We knew it was His hand that protected us from the car that should have hit us. He sustained us in a slow time, promoted us when we didn't deserve it, healed us when we were sick, brought us through a loss. Those weren't just coincidences. In the Old Testament, when these things happened, people took time to build an altar to thank God for what He had done. They would look back at those altars, and that was fuel for their faith. They knew that if He did it back then, He would do it again.

Today we should still be building altars. It's easy to take things for granted or to get so busy that we don't recognize the blessing of God. But when you take time to acknowledge what God has done, you recognize He brought you safely through the pandemic. He gave you that person to love. He healed you when it didn’t look good. He opened a door that’s taken you further than you ever imagined. When you pause to say, "God, I recognize this is Your goodness. Thank You for Your favor and mercy. I'm grateful for what You've done," that's building an altar.

God told the Israelites, "Build My altars wherever I cause My name to be remembered, and I will bless you there" (Exodus 20:24). God will bless you where you build altars, when you're always thanking God for what He's done, remembering His goodness, talking about how He's made ways where you didn't see a way. While you're thanking Him, God says He'll bless you. You're there to express your gratitude, but when you're at the altar, God says, "I'll be good to you." This begs the question: Are we not being blessed because we're not building altars? Are we not seeing favor because we're not acknowledging God's goodness?

We all have these times when we know it was the hand of God that made it happen. My challenge to you is to take the time to build a lot of altars. Be aware of the goodness of God in your life. Take time to thank Him every day. Look back at the great things He's done. You've had times where you saw the Almighty God at work, doing what only He can do. Remember the moments when He made it clear: "Am I not the God who healed you, freed you, promoted you, sustains you?" If you build your altars, I believe and declare that you're going to see God do things you've never dreamed. Doors are about to open supernaturally. Healing, provision, and restoration are on the way.

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