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Wait Expectantly
By Joel Osteen - Jul 14, 2023

We’re all waiting for something. Perhaps it’s for a dream to come to pass, for our health to improve, for a child to turn around. When it’s taken a long time, and we don’t see anything happening, it’s easy to get discouraged and think that it’s not meant to be. But the Scripture says, “Patient endurance is what you need now. Then you will receive all that God has promised” (Hebrews 10:36). This is saying, “Don’t get talked out of what God put in your heart. Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn't mean it’s not going to happen.”

God is faithful. He heard your request. He sees you standing in faith. He hears you thanking Him when you could be complaining. What you’re believing for is on the way. When you prayed in faith according to God’s will, He put the promise on the schedule. He already set the time to bring it to pass. You may not see any sign of it yet, but God is working behind the scenes. He’s lining up the right people, arranging the good breaks, the healing, the freedom, the abundance. It’s just a matter of time before you see what God is up to.

But here’s the key: Before the promise is fulfilled, you have to pass the discouragement test. When you’re waiting, doubt comes, saying, “It should have happened by now. It’s too late. You’ll never get well, never meet the right person, never see your family restored.” This is when many people miss their miracle. They get discouraged and think that God has forgotten about them. What you do while you’re waiting will determine whether you see the promise. That’s why God says you need not just patience, but endurance. That means you’re not going to be talked out of it; you’re going to keep believing and thanking God when every circumstance says, “There’s no way.” When you do that, God says you will receive all that He promised, the fullness of the blessing.

David says in Psalm 5, “I bring my request before God and wait expectantly.” Wait in faith, wait knowing that God is working, wait expecting it to show up. Every time doubt comes, turn it around and say, “Father, thank You that healing is coming. Thank You that breakthroughs are coming. Thank You that abundance is coming.” It’s not enough to just pray in faith; you have to wait in faith, wait with expectancy. You have to dig your heels in and have some holy determination. Your attitude should be: “I’m in it for the long haul. I will not give up. I will not let people, delays, circumstances, or bad breaks talk me out of what God put in my heart.” 

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