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Mighty Exploits
By Joel Osteen - Sep 08, 2023

God created you to shine. You have greatness in you. But too often we don’t recognize who we are. We see ourselves as ordinary. “I can’t do anything significant. I’m not that talented. I can’t accomplish my dream. I don’t have the education. This giant is too big to defeat.” We can all find an excuse to shrink back and settle for mediocrity. But Psalm 45 says, “God Himself has blessed you. O mighty warrior, you are glorious. Go forth to perform awe-inspiring deeds! Your God has anointed you.” The psalmist is saying, “Don’t you realize who you are? You’re not average. You are glorious. You’re a mighty warrior. You’re not supposed to just make it through life. There are awe-inspiring deeds in you, things God destined you to accomplish that will boggle your mind. There are victories that will catapult your family forward and promotion that will thrust you to a new level. When you defeat giants, it will give you greater influence, greater respect.” He’s saying, “What are you doing shrinking back, living with an ordinary mindset, when God says you’re a mighty warrior?”

You know that God is glorious. But do you realize that you are glorious? You were created in the image of Almighty God. When He made you, He put a part of Himself in you. You are powerful. You are anointed. You are favored. You are blessed. You can do awe-inspiring deeds. You can defeat Goliaths. You can bring healing to the sick. You can start that business. You can be the first one in your family to get your college degree. Don’t go through life thinking you’re average. There is greatness in you. It takes faith to say, “I believe I’m glorious. I’m a mighty warrior. God Himself has blessed me.”

The Scripture says, “The people who know their God will be strong and do mighty exploits” (Daniel 11:32). That’s God’s dream for you—mighty exploits, awe-inspiring deeds. No more living intimidated and saying, “I can’t do it. It’s too big.” When you know who you are, you won’t run from the giant, you’ll run to the giant. God didn’t say you’d just do exploits, He said mighty exploits. It’s going to be bigger than you can accomplish on your own. You can’t do this just in your power, your ability. The Most High God will back you up. Sometimes He’ll let the odds be against you in a great way so it will be a mighty exploit, an awe-inspiring deed. It’s because you know your God and you know who He’s created you to be. You know you’re glorious. You know you’re a mighty warrior. You know you’re full of can-do power. You know His favor surrounds you like a shield. 

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