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A Supernatural Flow
By Joel Osteen - Sep 22, 2023

We all have times in life when we’re at a disadvantage. We don’t see how we can accomplish our dream, the medical report is not good, or a child is off course. We’ve done all we can in our own power, but nothing has changed. We’re dealing with the anxiety, and it’s tempting to get discouraged and settle where we are. But there is a supernatural flow that you can tap into. There is a flow of healing that will turn the medical report around. There is a flow of favor that will open doors and bring the right people. There is a flow of freedom that will break the addiction. This flow is within reach, but here’s the key: It has to be activated by expecting God’s favor, by declaring His promises, by believing He’s working when you don’t see any sign of it.

In Mark 5, there was a lady who had had a bleeding disorder for twelve years. She had spent all her money on the best doctors but was told her illness was untreatable. One day she heard that Jesus was passing through her town, and something came alive. Her faith rose up. She left her house determined to push through the crowds and get to Jesus. She had to push through doubts that it wouldn’t happen. “She kept saying to herself, ‘When I get to Jesus, I will be healed’” (Mark 5:28). She reached out, touched the edge of His robe, and was healed. Jesus looked at her and said, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Your faith initiated this flow of healing. You activated this miracle to happen.”

I wonder if there are some divine flows you’re missing out on because you’re not activating them. You’re brushing up against Jesus, so to speak, but you’re not touching Him. You have to stretch your faith, believe for what you’re dreaming about, declare His promises in spite of what’s not changing. You have to press past the doubt, press past the thoughts telling you, “It’s never going to happen.” You have to press past the naysayers who tell you what you can’t become, how you won’t get well. You have to press past the negative chatter and activate the flow.

God is saying, “Come on. Activate My power, activate My favor, activate My healing.” Keep believing, keep expecting, keep declaring that God can do what seems impossible. When you activate this flow, angels go to work, forces of darkness are broken, favor is released. You’re on the verge of activating a flow of supernatural power that you’ve never seen. Keep saying to yourself, “Healing is coming. Freedom is coming. Abundance is coming.” This is a new day, and God is doing a brand-new thing.

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