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When the Brook Dries Up
By Joel Osteen - Sep 01, 2023

We all have to deal with things that come to an end. We lose our main client, a friend we’ve always counted on moves away, a loved one goes to be with the Lord. We’ve seen God’s goodness in the past, we’ve known we had His blessing, but it seems as though that blessing is taken away. But God never removes something unless He has something better coming. If He didn’t stop certain things, we would never get out of our comfort zone. When you don’t understand why the friend walks away or why the company pushes you out, God is not doing that to make your life more difficult. He’s getting you in position for increase. He stops what is working to force you to stretch so you can see greater provision, greater fulfillment, and greater favor.

In order to hide the prophet Elijah from King Ahab, God told him to go to a brook where “the ravens brought him bread and meat each morning and evening, and he drank from the brook” (1 Kings 17:6). God promised him this abundant provision delivered week after week. I’m sure he thought, “It doesn’t get any better than this. God’s favor is on me.” Elijah was comfortable there. But one day the brook dried up and the ravens quit coming. God told him to go to the city of Zarephath where a widow would take care of him. He could have thought, “No, I’ve been blessed here. I’m staying in what has been working.” The problem was, the provision ceased. It was only temporary. He hadn’t run out of favor. It was a necessary ending. God was moving him into a new level of his destiny. It was at Zarephath that Elijah saw some of the greatest miracles recorded in the Scripture.

Are you discouraged because a brook has dried up in your life? Are you stressed because things are not happening as they once did? Don’t fight the things God brings to an end. What you can’t see is God is positioning you for increase. It may look like a setback, but really it’s a setup. The brook drying up is not the end. It’s a necessary ending so you will step into the new thing He has in store—something that’s bigger, better, more rewarding than you can imagine. Now don’t complain about the brook drying up. Get ready for the new things God is about to do. Thank Him when you don’t see any sign of water. Trust Him when the door closes. Keep believing, stretching, trying new things, stepping out of your comfort zone. Increase is coming, greater provision is on the way, and God is about to take you where you can’t go on your own.

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