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It’s Turnaround Time
By Joel Osteen - Dec 22, 2023

We all face negative situations that look permanent. We will go through loss, disappointments, and unfair things, but that’s not how our story ends. God says, “I will turn things around for the people” (Zephaniah 3). He’s a turnaround God. He turns Red Seas into dry pathways. He turns five loaves and two fish into dinner for thousands. He turns skin filled with leprosy into skin as clear as a baby’s. When thoughts tell you, “You’ll never get out of this problem,” get ready. A turnaround is coming. God is about to turn sickness into health, addiction into freedom, lack into abundance, struggle into ease.

In Luke 7, a funeral procession was coming toward Jesus. They were on their way to bury a widow’s only son after she’d already buried her husband. You can imagine the pain she was dealing with. When Jesus saw her, “His heart broke.” God sees when you’re hurting. He sees when you’re lonely, when you feel so overwhelmed that you don’t think you can go on. He is moved with compassion. Jesus went over to the woman and said, in effect, “You’re weeping now, but I’m about to turn your great sorrow into great joy.” He raised her boy from the dead, and her tears were turned into joy.

Sometimes life gets tough. You shed tears from hurts, from a bad medical report, from a child who breaks your heart, from dreams that don’t work out. I want you to see that that is not how your story ends. We serve a turnaround God. As with this woman, He’s going to step in and turn the sorrow into joy, turn the brokenness into wholeness, turn the mourning into dancing. You have to receive this by faith. Don’t cancel out what God wants to do by doubt, by negative thinking. Get in agreement with God and be a believer, not a doubter.

We all have these situations at times that look dead. We have dreams that we’ve given up on, promises that seem like it’s too late. God is saying, “I’m going to bring dead things back to life.” There are going to be turnarounds that leave you in awe. You left defeated, but you’re going to come back victorious. You thought your business was dead, but God is about to surprise you. Increase is coming, favor is coming, new clients are coming. You thought you’d have to live with that sickness. No, a turnaround is coming. You’re going to be amazed at the greatness of our God. You’re going to see the hand of God do things that are unusual, uncommon, out of the ordinary, something supernatural. You’re coming into a turnaround season.

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