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Who Is Your Doorkeeper?
By Joel Osteen - Dec 15, 2023

When you’re working hard but not getting good breaks, the loan didn’t go through, or you still have the addiction, thoughts will tell you, “That door is closed and is never going to open.” But the Scripture says that God will open doors that no person can shut (Revelation 3:7–8). God is the doorkeeper of your life. You may be up against a chained door with a dead bolt lock—a friend walked away, a person betrayed you, or you came down with an illness. But when it’s your time, the Most High God will break the chains and unlock that door. You’re about to walk into what you’ve been shut out of—promotion, healing, freedom, the right people.

Maybe there’s been a history of depression, heart disease, divorce, or lack in your family line. It’s like you’ve been locked out of good relationships, happiness, good health, or abundance. God is saying, "Those chains that have limited you for generations are being broken." God is releasing you into increase, into new levels, into something that you’ve never seen. Get this down in your spirit: Doors are about to open. God is going to take you where you can’t go on your own. Chains that have kept those doors locked are no match for our God.

The psalmist says, “He has broken down the gates of bronze, and cut the bars of iron in two” (Psalm 107:16). You may have struggled with a sickness, an anxiety, a debt, or an addiction for a long time, but I can see the chain breaking. God’s about to do something supernatural. Every thought tells you that you’ll have to live with it, that you’ve been locked out of freedom. I can see the deadbolt turning. I can see the door starting to open. You’re about to walk into wholeness. It seems like you don’t have the connection to accomplish your dream. I can see those bars of iron being cut in two. I can see God doing something unusual, uncommon. He’s about to unlock some things that have been limiting you. Doors that look impossible are about to suddenly open. A door to healing, a door to freedom, a door to promotion, a door to a spouse, a door to a baby.

When you realize that God is your doorkeeper, you can live in peace. You can stay in faith, knowing that God will get you to where you’re supposed to be. When the iron door is not moving, keep walking by faith. Keep telling every closed door, “You’re not permanent. My doorkeeper has the final say.” When it’s the right time, it’s going to open. You won’t have to force it, manipulate the situation, or strive to make it happen. It will be the hand of God.

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