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A Fresh Wind of His Spirit
By Joel Osteen - Jan 26, 2024

Sometimes we’re facing challenges that so overwhelm us that we don’t think we can keep going. God knew there would be these times when what we’re up against is too much for us. So with every new challenge, with every new level, all along our way, God has fresh anointings. He has fresh strength, where you’ll feel a supernatural power to do what you couldn’t do before. He has fresh vision, when you’ll see things more clearly, have a new perspective. He has fresh favor, where you’ll overcome obstacles that seem too big. You’re about to see a fresh wind of His Spirit, with fresh opportunities, fresh passion, fresh momentum, things that you couldn’t make happen.

In 1 Samuel 16, when David was seventeen years old, the prophet Samuel showed up at his house to choose one of the eight sons of Jesse to be the next king of Israel. Jesse didn’t even call David in from the shepherds’ fields because he thought David was too young, too small, not talented enough. But when Samuel saw David, he said, “He’s the one.” He anointed David as the next king, and the Scripture says that the Spirit of God came powerfully upon David. With that anointing, David was able to not get bitter about his father and brothers not believing in him. With that anointing, David went out and defeated Goliath and became a national hero. With that anointing, David was able to resisting paying King Saul back for repeatedly trying to kill him.

When David was thirty years old, after Saul was killed in a battle, “The men of Judah came and anointed David as their king” (2 Samuel 2:4). Why was David anointed again? God had a fresh anointing for him. He knew David was going to face new battles, new challenges where he was going to need greater wisdom and strength; so God breathed on David’s life in a new way. With this second anointing, David established his throne and conquered new territories, but he wasn’t king over all of Israel, only the tribe of Judah.

At thirty-seven years old, seven years after his second anointing and twenty years after his first anointing, “The elders of Israel came to David and anointed him king over all of Israel” (2 Samuel 5:3). So why this third anointing? The first two were necessary to bring him to this point, but God knew with this new assignment, with greater responsibility and challenges, David would need a fresh anointing. This third anointing was his most powerful anointing, which brought him into the fullness of his purpose.

At every season in your life, when you’re going to step up to a new level, when you need more wisdom, more strength, more protection, God will be right there with a fresh anointing, with fresh ideas, fresh momentum, fresh talent. You’ve seen God be good to you in the past, but you haven’t seen anything yet. Your anointing is going to thrust you into the fullness of what God has in store.

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