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What Do You See?
By Joel Osteen - Feb 09, 2024

We all have dreams we want to accomplish and promises God has put in our hearts. We’re praying, believing, standing in faith, and that’s good. But there’s another important step. The Scripture says, “Write the vision. Make it clear so that it can be read on the run” (Habakkuk 2:2). One version says, “Write what you see.” When you close your eyes, what do you see? What has God whispered in your spirit? Maybe it’s to start a business, to see your health turn around, to move into a new neighborhood, to be free from an addiction. It’s not enough to just hope it happens. When you write it down, you give it permission to come to pass.

God says, “Make it clear so that you can read it on the run.” That means you need to have the vision in front of you all through the day. Put it on your bathroom mirror, on your phone, your computer at work, your refrigerator. When you constantly see what you’re believing for, it’s getting down in your spirit. Every time you see it, say under your breath, “Lord, thank You for bringing it to pass.” If you’re dealing with an illness, write the vision: “I am healthy and whole. I am strong and energetic.” Then write Scriptures to back it up: “God is restoring health to me. The number of my days He will fulfill.” If you’re believing to pay your house off, you need to see: “I am debt free. I have abundance. I am blessed so I can be a blessing.” Put Scriptures underneath it: “Because I honor God, I will lend and not borrow. What I touch prospers and succeeds. My cup runs over.” As you see that vision over and over, it will fuel your faith.

Are you missing blessings, favor, healing, and breakthroughs because your pen is not ready? You’re thinking, “Maybe it’ll happen.” No, write it down. Get in agreement with God. You don’t have to figure out how He is going to do it. He didn’t ask you to write the how; He just said, “Write what I’ve spoken to you.” As you keep that vision in front of you and keep thanking him that it’s on the way, the Scripture goes on to say, “Though the vision tarries, wait for it. For it is for an appointed time. It will not be late” (Habakkuk 2:3). You’re going to come into an appointed time. You’re going to see God bring dreams to pass, turn the medical situation around, get your child back on course, catapult you to a new level. The vision may be tarrying, but wait in faith, wait with expectancy, knowing that God is working. You are closer than you think. You’re on the verge of seeing something that you’ve never seen.

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