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Purpose in Your Heart

Jun 11, 2022

Today's Scripture

Daniel 1:8, NKJV
But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king's delicacies, nor with the wine which he drank...

Today's Word

Daniel was a Hebrew teenager who had been taken into Babylon to be trained to serve the king. But the Babylonians worshipped idols and wanted Daniel to compromise his faith by doing their rituals and customs. They tried to get him to eat the king's food and drink their wine, but Daniel had promised God he wouldn't do that. Daniel didn't let them squeeze him into their mold. He recognized that he had been set apart, and he purposed in his heart to not be common. If you read the rest of Daniel's story, you'll discover that Daniel was given great wisdom and was made the ruler of the province of Babylon.

When you choose to live uncommon--you're willing to make sacrifices that others won't make, to resist the temptation when others are giving in, to forgive when it's not fair--God will shine His favor on you. You'll have wisdom beyond your years, creativity, ideas, and ability. As He did for Daniel, God will open doors you never dreamed would open.

Prayer for Today

Father, thank You that I belong to You and that You set me apart to be uncommon, to be one of Your chosen ones. Thank You that I have the power to be like Daniel and purpose to not let society squeeze me into its mold. I want my life to honor You and to have Your favor shining on me. In Jesus' Name, Amen
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