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Dec 07, 2022

Today's Scripture

Psalm 65:11, NLT
You crown the year with a bountiful harvest; even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.

Today's Word

The overflow that God promises in Psalm 65 is not just to accomplish dreams, and not just to go further, but you're going to see overflow in the hard places of your life. Maybe you're taking treatment for an illness, or raising a special needs child, or in a difficult workplace. That's not going to defeat you. You're going to overflow with strength, overflow with wisdom, overflow with health, overflow with favor. Perhaps you're struggling with depression, fear, anxiety, and worry. That is not your destiny. You're about to overflow with joy, overflow with peace, overflow with victory. You might have had a setback in your finances, and you don't see how you can get ahead. You're about to overflow with favor, overflow with good breaks, overflow with opportunity.

In the difficult times, God has promised that you're going to overflow with abundance. You're not going to lack anything you need. There's going to be plenty of strength, plenty of healing, plenty of peace, plenty of grace.

Prayer for Today

Father, thank You that Your goodness crowns Your plan for my life. Thank You for the promise that You even have overflow in the hard places and difficult times I experience. I believe that I am not going to lack anything I need to fulfill Your purpose. In Jesus' Name, Amen.
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