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Wide Open

Dec 10, 2022

Today's Scripture

Psalm 81:10, NLT
Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it with good things

Today's Word

The principle of today's Scripture is that however wide your mouth is open is how much God is going to fill you with good things. In other words, if you praying bold prayers, asking Him to do things that seem impossible, you're going to see Him show out in your life. But if you'e just asking Him to meet your needs, just believing to get through the day, and you're content to settle where you are, you're going to see His goodness in a limited way. Yes, always be thankful that God is supplying your needs, but don't stop there. Open your mouth wide, ask Him for your dreams, ask Him to give you that business, ask Him to build that children's home that's on your heart, ask Him to free you from that sickness. This is one time where it's good to have a big mouth.

Could it be that you're not seeing God's greatness because you're praying small prayers? Maybe He's just waiting for you to open your mouth wide and ask big.

Prayer for Today

Father, thank You for the way You always meet my needs and show me Your goodness. Thank You for the promise that if I open my mouth wide that You will fill my life with good things. Help me be bold to ask You for the big things only You can make happen. In Jesus' Name, Amen
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