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Let Down Your Net

Feb 05, 2023

Today's Scripture

Luke 5:6, VOICE 

Simon then gets his fellow fishermen to help him let down their nets, and to their surprise, the water is bubbling with thrashing fish - a huge school. The strands of their nets start snapping under the weight of the catch. 

Today's Word

The disciples were professional fishermen, but they had fished all night and caught nothing. When we’re not seeing things happen as we expect, it’s easy to feel frustrated and discouraged. But God still has all the fish that belong to you. You tried all night, so to speak. It’s been months, or even years, and you haven’t seen good breaks, promotion, things turning around. Don’t worry, because your fish are being stored up. Jesus told His disciples to let their nets into the deep one more time, which means the fish were that close. You don’t have to do something drastically different. God is going to bless you where you are. He’s going to cause the fish to find you - not a few fish, but a great haul of fish. You may be in a dry season; things are not changing. God sees your faithfulness. 

He hasn’t forgotten about you. He’s going to make up for what hasn’t happened. As with those disciples, boatloads of prepared blessings are coming your way. Just let down your net. 

Prayer for Today

Father, thank You that You are the God who spoke worlds into existence, and You know how to bring net-breaking blessings to my net. Help me to start taking steps of faith that open the door to Your favor. I’m going to keep believing Your Word and letting down my net. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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