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Great Wrongs

Feb 06, 2023

Today's Scripture

2 Timothy 4:14, AMPC 

Alexander the coppersmith did me great wrongs. The Lord will pay him back for his actions. 

Today's Word

While we don’t know what wrongs Alexander did to the apostle Paul, it’s interesting that what seems like a small detail would be left in the Scripture. God had it recorded so we would know how to respond when we go through something that’s unfair, when we’ve been wronged, when people take advantage of us. If you don’t understand that God will settle your accounts, you’ll get frustrated, try to get revenge, and manipulate things. Paul understood that you have to let God do the payback and settle your accounts. You have to trust Him when it’s not fair, keep honoring Him, knowing that justice will eventually be served. 

Don’t have a victim mentality. Quit losing sleep over what someone did. Don’t give it any more time or attention. Instead of focusing on who did you wrong, what you didn’t get, how unfair something was, keep moving forward, being your best right where you are. Start thanking God, knowing that He sees what’s happened and will settle your account and right the wrongs. 

Prayer for Today

Father, thank You that You see everything that has happened to me, every unfair thing, including the Alexanders in my life. Thank You that I can let go of the wrongs and forgive quickly before frustration sets in. I declare that You will right the wrongs. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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