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The Source of Your Worth

Mar 24, 2023

Today's Scripture

Job 15:31, CEB

“They shouldn’t trust in what has no worth, for their reward will be worthless.”

Today's Word

Too often we’re trying to get our worth out of what we do, how well we perform. We wonder if others think we’re good enough, talented enough, strong enough, or successful enough. We think that if we work harder, outperform our coworker, or drive an expensive car, we’ll feel good about ourselves. We live in a proving mode, with a need to impress. The problem is that we’re getting our value from the wrong place.


If you don’t know who you are, if you don’t know that you’re a child of the Most High God, you’ll spend your energy trying to get other people to validate you. But when you’re secure in who God made you to be, when you’re comfortable with your gifts, your looks, and your personality, then you don’t go around competing with others. You’re not living to impress someone’s who’s more attractive than you or jealous of a friend who’s more talented. You know that you’re one of a kind, a masterpiece, made in the image of God. 

Prayer for Today

Father, thank You that I can feel good about myself because I am Your child. Thank You that my value comes from who You made me to be, not from what I do or how I perform. I declare that I am secure because I belong to You, the Most High God. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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