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Take Down the Sails

Apr 01, 2023

Today's Scripture

Acts 27:17, TLB 

The sailors were afraid of being driven across to the quicksands of the African coast, so they lowered the topsails and were thus driven before the wind. 


Today's Word

In Acts 27, the ship that Paul was sailing on encountered a huge storm with hurricane force winds. For fourteen days they didn’t see the sun or the stars. The sailors tried their best to steer the ship, did everything they could to keep control, but the winds were too much. Instead of fighting it, trying to force where they wanted the ship to go, they took down the sails and let the wind drive them. 

Are you trying to control everything and getting upset because it’s not happening your way, trying to force it? When you’ve done everything you can—you’ve prayed, you’ve believed, you’ve stood in faith—there comes a time when you have to do like the sailors did. Quit fighting it, quit trying to force it to work out, quit losing sleep, and release control of it into God’s hands. Then rest in faith and trust Him. God will take the same winds that were meant to stop you and shift them to blow you forward. 

Prayer for Today

Father, thank You that You are greater than the winds and the waves in my life. Help me to stop trying to change what only You can change and stop trying to fix things over which I have no control. I declare that I’m going to stay in peace and know that You are in control. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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