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Nobody can be you like you can be you. 


Be You 

Jul 30, 2023

Today's Scripture

Psalm 139:13, NLT

You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. 

Today's Word

God created us with different personalities, different gifts, different temperaments. Sometimes we’re fighting who we are by trying to be like someone else. You have to accept who God made you to be. Sure, there are areas you can improve in, but there are certain things that are simply who we are. When we compare and think we have to be like someone else, we feel inferior, shortchanged, at a disadvantage. “I’m not as talented, as strong, as dynamic as they are.” Here’s the key: You’ve been fearfully and wonderfully made to fulfill your destiny. If you needed a different personality, different gifts, different strengths, different looks, or different parents, it would have happened.  


Quit comparing and run your race. Be confident with your gifts, and let your personality shine. There’s not another person in this world like you. The enemy would love for you to go through life trying to be an imitation, copying someone else whom you think is more attractive, more gifted, more successful. No, be you. Nobody can be you like you can be you. 

Prayer for Today

“Father, thank You that I can stop wishing I had what other people have because You have given me the right everything of what I need. Thank You that I am fully equipped for the race You have designed for me. I declare that I am going to be me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.” 

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