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I am a victor. I’m going to set a new standard.


Not a Victim 

Aug 05, 2023

Today's Scripture

Isaiah 14:27, NKJV

“For the LORD of hosts has purposed, and who will annul it? His hand is stretched out, and who will turn it back?” 

Today's Word

You may have come from generations of abuse, mistreatment, addictions, things that were not fair. There’s a victim mentality that can be passed from generation to generation that says, “We’ve always been poor, defeated, shortchanged, addicted. We can’t do anything about it.” This forever-the-victim mentality will continue to be passed down until someone rises up and puts an end to it.

Yes, there was injustice in the past, things that were not fair, but this is a new day. Your past and family history don’t have the power to keep you enslaved in what was. Nothing can stop or annul what God has purposed for your life. The only way it will stop you is if you start living like a victim, discouraged, in self-pity. Shake that off. The reason you’re reading this is because you’re the one to break the cycle, you’re the one to say, “I am not a victim. I am a victor. I’m going to set a new standard. I’m going to believe for better things. I’m going to live whole, free, and expecting favor.” 

Prayer for Today

“Father, thank You for the promise that You have a purpose for my life that nothing can annul or turn back. Thank You for Your call to leave the past behind and refuse to settle for less than Your best for me. I declare that I will have a victor’s mind-set and become all You created me to be. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.” 

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