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Think This Not That


The words you speak become your reality! You will be empowered to receive God's goodness, release negativity and watch blessings chase you down. 

Activate The Flow


Today's Word: SEP 27, 2023

If we want our faith to be effective, we have to be acknowledging every good thing we have in Christ. You can’t go around acknowledging the negative—your weaknesses, the times you didn’t measure up, or how you should be more disciplined. Don’t go through life thinking little of yourself, focused on your weaknesses, dwelling on your failures. That only makes you feel badly about yourself.     Start acknowledging the good that Christ has done in your life, step into the potential God has put in you, let that personality He gave you come out and shine. Don’t be your enemy; be you’re asset. Be your biggest fan. Nobody should think better of you than you, because you recognize God breathed His life in you. When you acknowledge the good, when you say, “Lord, thank You for the strengths and the talents You put in me, thank You for Your gifts and for Your favor, thank You for taking me where I’ve never dreamed,” then your faith is made effective. You’re going to see God show out. 



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