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55 Ways To Be Blessed And Not Stressed


Receive His blessings! This book is filled with inspiring scriptures, stories, and encouraging insights for your life. You will learn how the abundant, over-the-top blessings of your Heavenly Father are available to you.

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Today's Word: Sep 18, 2021

You've never been closer than right now to those things you're believing for. God has some wings for you. When the prophet Isaiah says to "wait," he doesn't mean to passively sit around and ask, "God, when is this going to happen? Nothing ever goes my way." He means to wait with expectancy. Wait knowing that it's on the way. "I may be on the ground now, but thank You, Lord, that I'm about to fly. Thank You that I'm close to my healing, close to my breakthrough, close to my promotion." That's how you get your wings. You're not dragging around, focusing on how long it's been, how it's never going to work out.

You have to come over to high-time expectancy. It's at hand. It could happen today or by this time tomorrow. Your wings could be ready this month. Quit telling yourself that it's way off in the distance. God is saying, "You're closer than you think. This is your high time. You're coming into a new season."



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