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Live Beneath the Surface

Today's Word: Oct 25, 2020

When you throw a rock out into a lake that is calm as glass on the surface, it sends ripples across the whole lake. It looks like it causes a big disturbance. But the truth is, one foot beneath the surface was calm and peaceful. No fish exclaimed, "Call 911! Something's wrong!" Nothing on the surface affects the water down deep. It stays calm.

How easily do you get upset? If the pebbles that get thrown into your life are getting you frustrated and stealing your joy, you need to go down deeper in faith. "But the promotion at work fell through!" That's a pebble. "She offended me!" Another pebble. "The loan was denied!" Just a pebble disturbing the surface. That's not making light of those things, but when you get beneath the surface, you know God is still on the throne. Down deep where you choose to live, you'll feel a peace, you'll be at rest.

Empty Out The Negative


Are you living worried, discouraged, fearful? That’s taking up space for the good things that belong to you. In this new book, Joel shows you how to empty out the negative so you can have better relationships, greater joy, more creativity and live your best life.



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