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Grace Comes 

Today's Word: SEP 25, 2023

If anyone understood the meaning of the grace of God, it was the Apostle Paul. Even though he was the biggest enemy of the early church, Paul says “the grace of our Lord was poured out on me abundantly” with forgiveness and a call into God’s service. In today’s Scripture, the word Paul uses for “freely” in the original language is “promiscuous,” which means that God’s grace will go to anyone. If someone is promiscuous, they’re unrestrained. That’s the way God’s grace is. It’s not looking for perfect people. You can be struggling with an addiction, and grace will come looking for you. You can be working in the wrong type of place, and grace will come knocking at your door. You can be dishonest and manipulative, and grace will show up at your house. You can be discouraged, thinking you’ve messed up too many times, you’ve brought your troubles on yourself, and grace still comes. You can’t get so low that God won’t stoop down. His grace is unrestrained for you today. It doesn’t have limitations.  



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