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Today's Word: MAR 30, 2023

When we go through a loss or someone does us harm, a victim mentality will always come knocking at our door. We have to make the choice. Are we going to live bitter, discouraged, thinking we’re a victim of our circumstances? Or are we going to believe that God is in control, that He’s ordering our steps, that His plans for us are for good? Instead of having a victim mentality, switch over to a victor mentality. That bad break is not how your story ends.    God says that He will pay you back double for the unfair things that have happened. If you’re going to see the double, you have to know that God is going to make it up to you. He knows who hurt you, what you lost, and what you’re struggling with. He’s not going to just bring you out, He’s going to bring you out better. What you can’t see is that it set you up for promotion, increase, and favor. You’re not a victim. God always causes you to triumph. 



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