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Think This Not That


The words you speak become your reality! You will be empowered to receive God's goodness, release negativity and watch blessings chase you down. 

Activate The Flow

The Wilderness 

Today's Word: SEP 28, 2023

The “wilderness” represents barrenness, no growth, a wasteland in our lives. You’re doing the right thing, but your business is not increasing, your marriage is not getting better, your health is not improving, you were passed over for another promotion. You’re in the wilderness. You feel stuck, restricted by your environment. In those dry places, you could be discouraged, thinking it will never change. No, get ready. God knows where you are. He’s watching you in the lonely nights, the times you were betrayed, those days when you felt like giving up but you kept going. You were hurting, the pain was real, but you didn’t let it stop you. He’s about to come and throw His arms around you and lavish His grace upon you. You’re going to see increase that you can’t explain, favor that you didn’t deserve, healing that doesn’t make sense, freedom from things that have held you back. Now get in agreement with God. “Lord, I receive it into my spirit. Amaze me with Your goodness. Make me the apple of Your eye.” 



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